Therefore PACO-PLUS has the following main project objectives:

  1. Define invariant, hierarchical, multi-sensory (vision, haptic, and proprioceptive) representations of objects through actions performed on them and define the processes by which these representations can be derived, refined and learned.

  2. Define a representation and sensorimotor learning mechanisms for Object-Action-Complexes (OACs) that fundamentally address the inherent uncertainty of real world domains and provides for action recognition, event anticipation, and action understanding.

  3. Define methodologies for learning new OACs from existing OACs generalizing along axis given by motor capabilities, Gestalt statistics, guided and chance exploration, and goal directed search. Robotic experiments will be paired with psychological experiments.

  4. Demonstrate the machine learning of appropriate grammar fragments for European and non-European languages including English from exposure to strings paired with plan and action representations induced automatically for non-linguistic purposeful action in the world.

  5. Define a theoretical framework for a conjoint measure for learning (and action) success to evaluate OACs and associated learned categories. Devise methods which allow changing strategies for learning using return maximization and/or contingency minimization as required for achieving differing goals.

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